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Solar Simplicity

Comencemos con el primer paso

Step 1

Energy Savings Analysis

Review your custom solar analysis either with one of our energy consultants or on your own and ask questions later.


Our energy experts will show you everything you need to know including your savings, panel placement, and answer all of your questions.

To get your free home analysis, click below.

Residential Solar Energy Consultation
First Step
SolarX Energy Solutions Birds Eye Home with Pool Rooftop Solar Panels

Step 2

Survey & Design

Our energy experts use the proposal design to determine whether or not an on-site home roof survey is required based on the unique characteristics of your home.


After the home survey step, our engineers confirm your CAD (computer-aided-drawing) design options that are optimized for savings and aesthetics.

Second Step

Step 3

Permitting & Installation Prep

Permitting applications can take days if not weeks to review and approve depending on your jurisdiction.


That is why our attention to detail and timeliness is important to us and leads to faster approvals.

Any jurisdiction or Homeowners Association information you share with us will speed up your installation.


Thanks for your help!

SolarX Energy Solutions Solar Panel Focus Close Up
Third Stp
SolarX Energy Solutions Home Residential Rooftop Solar Installation

Step 4


The big day. Panels are going on your roof.


Our installation experts place your panels from the approved design and treat your roof like their own. Wave to them and say hi when you get the chance!


Click below to check out our industry leading 30 day installation guarantee.


Fourth Step

Step 5

Power On & Savings

Let the savings begin!


After your jurisdiction and utility provider inspections pass, your new energy meter, called your net meter, is installed. Your net meter keeps a net tab of your energy usage. This means it adds up the amount of energy your new system produces and subtracts the amount of energy you consume giving you a net energy production / consumption number. This is where the net in net metering comes from. 


Once we turn your system on your energy savings begin!

We monitor your system closely during the first few months to ensure optimal energy production and savings.

SolarX Energy Solutions Home backyard overlook with forest, pool, and solar panels
Fifth Step
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